Lucky Brand x Ventana Surfboards and Supplies


First impressions are everything, so when it came time to design the interior of our new location at The Point, it was imperative to seek out unique pieces that reflect our heritage. What symbolizes the Southern California lifestyle more than an iconic surfboard?

Amazed by the beauty of their craftsmanship and company values, we reached out to Martijn Stiphout and David Dennis, owners of Ventana Surfboards and Supplies. Their goal is to create responsible products for surfers and ocean adventurers. Each board is handmade in Santa Cruz, California from reclaimed wood – including the 9-foot-long Lucky Luthier Longboard made especially for our El Segundo flagship.

The brilliant sunburst-meets-ocean horizon catches your eye instantly, but it’s the detailing on the fin that truly personalizes the design. We sent Martijn and David turquoise used for our jewelry, they crushed it into a fine texture and incorporated it into the fin’s clover impressionwhich makes the board that much more Lucky.

How long did it take to build the surfboard start to finish?
The board took about 6 weeks to build… close to 70 hours.
(You can see the whole process for this board in hyper time lapse below.)

The water horizon design is extremely intricate, is it one you’ve created before?
The water design is something we’ve done a few times, but this one is especially unique as it uses a very figured offcut of Sapele wood from a cabinet shop in Santa Cruz, CA. The sunburst over the water is made of redwood and Douglas fir from an old house in Capitola, CA. The sun is a gorgeous piece of cocobolo wood offcut from the Santa Cruz Guitar Company, maker of some of the best guitars in the world for the likes of Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Buffet and Elvis Costello. Of course, the Lucky Brand logo of crushed turquoise in the striped fin is totally unique.

What inspired the design for the Lucky Luthier Longboard
Lucky Brand specifically wanted the sunburst design on the bottom. The top was inspired by what we had available from our Upcycle Partner Program. Martijn studies the pieces of exotic wood we have collected and sees patterns based on what’s there. The wood itself provides the inspiration!

When you think of Lucky Brand what comes to mind?
For us, Lucky Brand has always meant outstanding quality with a focus on designs that resonate with free-thinkers and artists… much like us! When we talk to our customers about our partnership with Lucky Brand they understand the connection immediately. Our brand aesthetics are similar, and we have a common focus on quality. Lucky Brand is the manifestation of the California lifestyle and that’s a perfect fit for Ventana.

For those who venture out to Santa Cruz, can you recommend 3 must-surf spots?
We love to surf Capitola Village, Pleasure Point and Steamer Lane. We often surf at night under the full moon, as well. Hence the small moon over the redwood tree in our logo.

Visit us at The Point to see the Lucky Luthier Longboard up close and shop a curated collection of super soft Ventana t-shirts. For more info on the board, head to their website.