Behind The Seams: Limited-Edition RSxLB Leather Jackets


Where did your inspiration come from for the Rolling Stones X Lucky Brand pieces?
The inspiration for the jackets came from hand painted WW2 flight jackets, as well as biker and punk pieces. Lucky Brand approached me with the idea and had selected some iconic Rolling Stones images they thought would work well.

What do you think the benefits of working by hand are, as opposed to working purely with machines?
Working by hand is great because it makes each jacket unique. You could paint the same logo 100 times but each would still be slightly different. The grain of the leather for each jacket is different. The paint takes differently to each. There is a character and quality you can’t fake.

Walk us through the techniques you used.
We picked the images we wanted to apply. I hung the jacket on my garage studio easel. I quickly drew out the logos with a white Stabilo pencil, which wipes off the leather after the paint is dry. The logos are painted with One Shot Lettering Enamel paint, typically used for sign painting and pinstriping. Eric and I learned lettering from the Sign Graphics program at LA Trade Tech College. We learned all the techniques we used from there. The enamel paint will dry and hold up for a long time.

What’s your favorite The Rolling Stones song and why?
The Stones have always been one of my favorite bands. “Off the Hook” is probably one of my top songs, but it’s hard to pick an absolute favorite. I’m the guy who still watches VHS copies of the TAMI show and Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus. My wife walked down the aisle to “She’s A Rainbow” from Their Satanic Majesties Request. We’ve never actually been able to see them live. One day…