Talking Custom Denim Jackets with Tul Jutargate of The Chain Gang


Here at Lucky, we appreciate the artistic merit that comes with doing some things the old-fashioned way. That’s why we immediately thought of Tul Jutargate (of L.A’s The Chain Gang) when it came time to customize our limited-edition RSxLB denim jackets…

Where did your inspiration come from for the Rolling Stones X Lucky Brand pieces?
The inspiration came from the original Rolling Stones artwork provided by Lucky Brand. We applied chain stitch embroidery to give each garment the look and feel of the ‘60s and ‘70s… the period when The Stones took the world by storm.

What do you think the benefits of working by hand are, as opposed to working purely with machines?
The benefits of non-computerized and hand cranked machines are that each piece has its own characteristics and imperfections, which gives it a sense of individualism and a humanistic touch. Every piece created is a work of art individually crafted. Even though the designs for this project have been recreated several times for this limited collection, they are all a little different. For everyone who gets to own a piece, it’s like having something custom-made just for them. Everyone gets to own a one-of-a-kind piece.

Walk us through the techniques you used.
The methods and techniques we used to create these limited pieces are pretty much the same methods used by the artisans chain stitching during the ‘60s—hand, foot and eye coordination. The only modern method we incorporated was the help from our friends over at Ink and Thread to help prep the job.

How long did the whole process take you?
The time for each piece varied due to the individual working on it and the garment itself. Some of the work was applied to patches and some was done directly to the garment, which is more time consuming and difficult.