Heavy Metals


This fall, we’re focusing on jewelry that lends an interesting touch to every outfit and has that one-of-a-kind feel. Naturally, we were drawn to Heather Levine’s structural designs and wanted to incorporate her vibe of modern-meets-eclectic into our newest collection of necklaces, rings and bracelets. Heather’s hands-on approach ensures that her creations possess authenticity, an aesthetic we were determined to reflect in each piece of jewelry featured in her collaboration with us. We took a visit to her L.A. studio to learn more about her influences and artistic process. Here’s what she had to say…

What inspires your designs?
The clay materials that I prefer to use remind me of nature and craft made in the ‘60s and ‘70s in California. The combination of the unglazed materials and shapes I use remind me of the California landscape. Simple shapes can come together to evoke a certain time frame or location. I am inspired by light, nature, the handmade and smart effortless design.

How did you approach translating your work into jewelry? Have you always been interested in designing jewelry?
I was interested in designing jewelry but never loved the idea of ceramic jewelry, so when I was asked to design a line of jewelry in metals I was intrigued. The design became more about the shapes I already love and use and configuring them in patterns that could be worn.

Initially I made all the jewelry designs in clay because this is the material I am most comfortable working with. Once there was a variety of designs to look at, we played with the scale of each piece to get it right. Getting the right texture was important to me. I am not attracted to shiny jewelry and wanted the pieces to feel a bit vintage and textured.


What interested you about working with Lucky Brand?
Lucky Brand approached me because they appreciated my work and had the vision to see it translated into wearable jewelry. I saw this as an opportunity to explore something new in terms of designing works and learn the process of making a line of jewelry.

Who do you imagine wearing these pieces?
A person that appreciates vintage clothing, furniture, and a simple design with an accent piece to style themselves. Someone that loves to be creative with their accessories while wearing their favorite perfectly worn jeans and t-shirt.