Out Of Bounds- Introducing Holiday 2015

Far from the city, there exists a simpler life, away from the everyday. Disconnecting to reconnect, comfort is found in just being. Taking inspiration from the landscape of the Pacific Northwest, we crafted wearable favorites with a rustic sensibility. Free-formed shapes, earthy tones and rugged textures are reflected in Cowichan sweaters, warm plaids paisley prints and signature indigo jeans.

Shot by: Gregory Harris

Models: Julia Hafstrom, Kelly Rippy

Song by: White Arrows

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True Kings Make Their Own Luck


On September 30, Lucky Brand celebrated the continuation of our partnership with the LA Kings and Jr. Kings with a private in-store event at our new location at The Point. Long supporters of youth hockey development and the local community, our Lucky team enjoyed one-on-one time with the players (both big and small) and their families. The denim bar was deemed a favorite spot as everyone shopped for their best fit. Kids played at the drawing station while adults mingled and shared stories. An all-around warm, family-friendly atmosphere was created as this intimate night truly represented our partnership with the team.

“We believe that the harder people work, the luckier they get,” said Carlos Alberini, CEO of Lucky Brand. “Our partnership with the Los Angeles Kings will continue to support a happy, healthy and successful SoCal youth community by introducing youth to the sport of hockey.”


Because we also believe personal and academic growth are critical for all children, we wanted to help create a place for young skaters from all over the world to work on their studies in between their games, practices and events. We assisted in the development of the Jr. Kings’ recently constructed Education Center which includes study cubicles for student athletes and an area for video and whiteboard sessions. These features aim to enhance the student athlete developmental experience on and off the ice.

“We’re extremely fortunate to benefit from the generosity of Lucky Brand as we continue to build our Financial Assistance Program,” said Kelly Sorensen, the Executive Director for the Jr. Kings. “As a club, we’re working harder than ever to make the game more affordable for our players and families, and this partnership signifies our commitment to that goal.”

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Lucky Brand x Ventana Surfboards and Supplies


First impressions are everything, so when it came time to design the interior of our new location at The Point, it was imperative to seek out unique pieces that reflect our heritage. What symbolizes the Southern California lifestyle more than an iconic surfboard?

Amazed by the beauty of their craftsmanship and company values, we reached out to Martijn Stiphout and David Dennis, owners of Ventana Surfboards and Supplies. Their goal is to create responsible products for surfers and ocean adventurers. Each board is handmade in Santa Cruz, California from reclaimed wood – including the 9-foot-long Lucky Luthier Longboard made especially for our El Segundo flagship.

The brilliant sunburst-meets-ocean horizon catches your eye instantly, but it’s the detailing on the fin that truly personalizes the design. We sent Martijn and David turquoise used for our jewelry, they crushed it into a fine texture and incorporated it into the fin’s clover impressionwhich makes the board that much more Lucky.

How long did it take to build the surfboard start to finish?
The board took about 6 weeks to build… close to 70 hours.
(You can see the whole process for this board in hyper time lapse below.)

The water horizon design is extremely intricate, is it one you’ve created before?
The water design is something we’ve done a few times, but this one is especially unique as it uses a very figured offcut of Sapele wood from a cabinet shop in Santa Cruz, CA. The sunburst over the water is made of redwood and Douglas fir from an old house in Capitola, CA. The sun is a gorgeous piece of cocobolo wood offcut from the Santa Cruz Guitar Company, maker of some of the best guitars in the world for the likes of Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Buffet and Elvis Costello. Of course, the Lucky Brand logo of crushed turquoise in the striped fin is totally unique.

What inspired the design for the Lucky Luthier Longboard
Lucky Brand specifically wanted the sunburst design on the bottom. The top was inspired by what we had available from our Upcycle Partner Program. Martijn studies the pieces of exotic wood we have collected and sees patterns based on what’s there. The wood itself provides the inspiration!

When you think of Lucky Brand what comes to mind?
For us, Lucky Brand has always meant outstanding quality with a focus on designs that resonate with free-thinkers and artists… much like us! When we talk to our customers about our partnership with Lucky Brand they understand the connection immediately. Our brand aesthetics are similar, and we have a common focus on quality. Lucky Brand is the manifestation of the California lifestyle and that’s a perfect fit for Ventana.

For those who venture out to Santa Cruz, can you recommend 3 must-surf spots?
We love to surf Capitola Village, Pleasure Point and Steamer Lane. We often surf at night under the full moon, as well. Hence the small moon over the redwood tree in our logo.

Visit us at The Point to see the Lucky Luthier Longboard up close and shop a curated collection of super soft Ventana t-shirts. For more info on the board, head to their website.


Into the Now- Late Fall 2015

“Life is defined by duality. When we find strength in solitude and softness within a rough exterior, contrast and contradiction become our greatest allies.”

As the weather cools and layering become a means of survival, we find ourselves attracted to neutral tones, the mixing of textures and the combination of opposing materials. This formula of balancing tough with soft perfectly reflects this time of year.

Californian singer Shanee Pink provides us with a fitting soundtrack as her song “The Future Believe” plays in the background. “However difficult things may seem we have to keep a positive outlook on things if we’re going to try to do anything about it. That’s what this song is about.”

All that matters is living in the moment, securing tomorrow and heading into the now.

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Discover Shanee Pink & The 3 Signature Looks of Lucky.

When it came time to show off our favorite outfit combinations of the season, we couldn’t resist but to call upon California singer Shanee Pink and her unique style. In case you haven’t heard, Shanee’s song “The Future Believe” is featured in our latest video of fall arrivals and we have to confess, we’ve had her new album Twin Flame on heavy rotation since it dropped August 28th.  New music to obsess over and three new looks to try out? What a perfect way to wrap up the summer.


Denim On Denim
The key to perfecting this timeless Americana look is to mix up the washes, scrunch up a cuffed sleeve and slip on a well-worn bootie. No need to overdo it on the accessories, a simple bracelet says it all.

Shanee is wearing:
Classic Western Shirt, Charlie Skinny Jeans, Basel Bootie, Ladder Bracelet


California Cool
The ease of a flowy top and dark indigo denim just about sums up Southern California style. Focus on stacking bracelets, mixing jewelry textures and throwing on a straw summer hat.

Shanee is wearing:
Embroidered Shell, Brooke Skinny Jeans, Basel Bootie, Braided Cuff, Gold Abstract Cuff, Gold Abstract Ring, Hat & Sunglasses (Shanee’s own)


Rock N Rebel
There’s a rebellious side to everyone’s style, just team edgy pieces with the right balance of femininity to execute this look. A men’s moto tee tucked into a skirt, beaded strands around your neck – these are the details to touch on.

Shanee is wearing:
Leather Moto Jacket, Men’s Triumph Thruxton Tee, Joelle Bootie, Leather Skirt, Silver Beaded Necklace, Feather Bracelet

Follow Shanee on social:
Instagram: @Shaneepink


Discover Lucky Brand’s Fall 2015 Campaign

With a natural setting as a calm backdrop, this season’s key designs are a true reflection of their surroundings. Fabrics that move freely, silhouettes that require no hassle—the fact that the music and style scene of the ‘70s played a nostalgic bohemian influence to each piece goes without saying.

Shot by world-renowned photographer Craig McDean, styled by Elin Svahn and featuring models Suvi Riggs and Clement Chabernaud, the video represents a captivating rediscovery of Lucky Brand.

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Now Open: Lucky Brand at The Point in El Segundo, CA


From the moment you step into our new flagship store, you are immersed into a Lucky Brand lifestyle that is defined by Americana heritage, moto and California-cool. With every turn, the customer is encouraged to look a little closer…

Unique pieces of artwork take on many forms throughout the space, like the glass antique garage door that serves as an “Entry Portal” or a massive decorative metal piece referred to as the “Cone of Silence” from Washington State. In the backdrop, a conveyor belt displaying well-worn pairs of jeans fits right in with the industrial presence of artist Vitaly Beskrowni’s deconstructed Fender guitars and motorcycle.


Hard-to-find vintage items are sprinkled throughout amongst exclusive Lucky pieces and collaborative Triumph tees, Pendleton blankets and home goods from local Los Angeles brand Mount Washington Pottery. Seeking some time to unwind? As you head to the back, a complementary espresso bar framed by a display of our iconic denim awaits you.

The most exciting element, hands down, goes to the introduction of CatLook, a unique fitting room feature that acts as a virtual shopping assistant. The pro: No more sneaking out to grab an associate for help. Select the size or style you need from the screen and it will be brought right to you. Open to styling suggestions? The moment you place your pieces on the hook, this feature starts pulling up items to pair with your selects.

Our spot at The Point offers the most genuine rendition of our brand. One visit and it’s no surprise why we’re privileged to call this new location home.

Stop by if you are in the neighborhood or shop online at

The Point:
850 S Sepulveda Blvd, El Segundo, CA 90245


Great Heights: Fall 2015 Video


“These dreams are born in cities that never sleep. Where high hopes meet high rise. And luck is what you make it.”

For our newest fall arrivals, we were inspired by rich textures, vibrant shades and the idea of renewing retro silhouettes. With downtown as the backdrop, each piece adapted to the inevitable movement of urban dwelling, and what was once vintage became new again.

Women’s peasant blouses and ’70s-inspired flares embody a free spirit and find themselves right at home in a modern, city setting. Transitional layers consist of iconic leather jackets, geometric print sweaters and a versatile scarf. When it comes to accessories, we focus on a detail that defines the bohemian genre: fringe.

For guys, saturated indigo denim, classic button-downs and graphic tees form the building blocks of a versatile urban wardrobe–dressed up with a tailored White Label blazer or down with a vintage-inspired Black Label leather jacket. Comfortable Grey Label hoodies and sweatpants reflect a downtown-downtime vibe that’s ideal for weekends and workouts.

Every style tells a story, piecing together to inevitably become the looks we love.

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Heavy Metals


This fall, we’re focusing on jewelry that lends an interesting touch to every outfit and has that one-of-a-kind feel. Naturally, we were drawn to Heather Levine’s structural designs and wanted to incorporate her vibe of modern-meets-eclectic into our newest collection of necklaces, rings and bracelets. Heather’s hands-on approach ensures that her creations possess authenticity, an aesthetic we were determined to reflect in each piece of jewelry featured in her collaboration with us. We took a visit to her L.A. studio to learn more about her influences and artistic process. Here’s what she had to say…

What inspires your designs?
The clay materials that I prefer to use remind me of nature and craft made in the ‘60s and ‘70s in California. The combination of the unglazed materials and shapes I use remind me of the California landscape. Simple shapes can come together to evoke a certain time frame or location. I am inspired by light, nature, the handmade and smart effortless design.

How did you approach translating your work into jewelry? Have you always been interested in designing jewelry?
I was interested in designing jewelry but never loved the idea of ceramic jewelry, so when I was asked to design a line of jewelry in metals I was intrigued. The design became more about the shapes I already love and use and configuring them in patterns that could be worn.

Initially I made all the jewelry designs in clay because this is the material I am most comfortable working with. Once there was a variety of designs to look at, we played with the scale of each piece to get it right. Getting the right texture was important to me. I am not attracted to shiny jewelry and wanted the pieces to feel a bit vintage and textured.


What interested you about working with Lucky Brand?
Lucky Brand approached me because they appreciated my work and had the vision to see it translated into wearable jewelry. I saw this as an opportunity to explore something new in terms of designing works and learn the process of making a line of jewelry.

Who do you imagine wearing these pieces?
A person that appreciates vintage clothing, furniture, and a simple design with an accent piece to style themselves. Someone that loves to be creative with their accessories while wearing their favorite perfectly worn jeans and t-shirt.


Into The Blue- Early Fall 2015

The landscape of Southern California and traditional Japanese dye techniques influence the feel of our early fall collection. For women, the classic bohemian ease of flowy fabrics and mixed textile prints pair with military jackets and well-worn jeans. Men’s shirts, tees and Henleys are saturated in premium indigo before being washed and faded for an authentic vintage vibe. Collectively, these pieces form the perfect transition between the last days of summer and the first signs of fall.

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